Life Event Films


Life Event Films videography company centered on event videography especially related to weddings and family. LEF specializes in storytelling, crafting a narrative for their audience to follow, in order to make the viewer more emotionally involved in the piece they’re watching. The videography that they create ranges weddings and proposals, to legacy videos that help tell the story of a family members life.


Working closely with the LEF team, I designed and developed a website to their specific taste. Keeping in mind that LEF wanted to manage the site internally after completion, all features were added with the idea of being user friendly, or having third party support available. After completion I held conference calls with the LEF team for training on website use, as well as created a number of specific tutorial videos documenting step by step how to complete different tasks (ex. creating posts, changing page content, changing images, adding portfolio items, etc. ). Through these steps the LEF team has been able to successfully manage their own website, without extensive technical knowledge or relying on outside developers.


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