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Windward Productions is a California based videography company, creating videos for corporate, promotional, high end real estate, non-profit organizations, live events, and documentaries. They were looking to do a website redesign that would not only fit their brand, but would be easy enough to maintain without technical knowledge.


I was brought in to work closely with their team on the overall design, as well as to do the site development. Since they are a videography company they wanted very specific imagery and to develop all unique assets. I initially designed and developed the site using temporary content, and through weekly conference calls was able to communicate the purpose of each asset so they could develop all images, copy, and videos appropriately.

After development was complete I used conference calls with the Windward Productions team to train them on managing the website. In addition I created tutorial videos for many management aspects of the site (portfolio additions, content changes, blogs, etc.) so they could easily train new team additions on this as well.

Windward Productions Real Estate Page
An interior video page with video background in the fold, multiple animated graphics, and a gallery slider of some of their favorite category videos.


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