Altametrics is a very successful software development company, mainly focused on the restaurant industry , with large clients like: McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Hooters. Altametrics had an older looking website and was looking to execute site rebrands for all of their products and company website.


Altametrics had already been working with an outside creative firm on the rebrand design for a few months, but wanted a developer in-house to execute so they could monitor the progress on a regular basis, so they brought me in. I was charged with developing a WordPress site based on their design PSD and feature list, as well as doing the QA check on the product sites that were developed prior to me being brought on board. Site development and QA was executed on a very short timeline (6 days) due to a hard set launch date, and was successfully launched on time. I was brought on full-time after this project as the developer for the marketing team.

Future projects at Altametrics included content marketing activities. As part of their content marketing strategy, I developed their gated content system and all landing pages for lead generation/nurturing.  I integrated a custom CRM and lead tracking system that was developed while I was working there. This allowed our team to track who was visiting and their movements on the website so we could best determine what stage in the sales funnel they were (as well as to determine what content we should be serving them). The data we collected also allowed us to tailor our email campaign messaging to be more effective. I also helped to develop systems across all social accounts (implemented best practices, posting tools to use, etc.), helping to continually grow the company audience on all necessary social platforms, promoting all developed content, and generating leads for future nurturing.

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