Restaurant Technology Magazine was a restaurant industry magazine focusing on back/front of house technology. RTM wanted to execute a rebrand and relaunch focusing on delivering online content on a much more frequent basis.


I was brought in to plan and execute the relaunch and redesign of “Restaurant Technology Magazine” (the name and domain were rebranded as “RMagazine”). RMagazine was previously a mostly print magazine, with only some articles being on the website. Working with a team, we developed a strategy to refocus RMagazine on having a digital presence, implementing a daily content release schedule, grew a social media presence starting from zero (all social media accounts were created fresh), and helped develop systems for social media posting (best practices, posting calendar, automated tools for efficiency, etc.). I quickly developed a temporary new brand logo, but the team liked how simple and straightforward it was so it was kept (and still used on the site today).  The site was changed to a new, third party supported theme (previously used a custom theme with zero documentation), and all pages/links/images were QA tested. I also implemented a number of other features used to drive conversion for lead capture, including: Sendy integration for lead nurturing, pop-ups for newsletter signups, notification bar, etc.).

Working with a team of content coordinators, the site published up to 25+ articles/ebooks/whitepapers a week. This means that I needed to craft social media posts for every piece of content that launched daily to promote on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). After relaunch, through fresh content updates and social media promotion, traffic to the site increased by over 1500%.


Homepage with new layout. See previous layout below.
RMagazine Old Design
This was the previous layout for comparison.
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